1) Self-directed multi-disciplinary conference with unsponsored content and renowned speakers

1. Multi-disciplinary Programme - Ground breaking conference format focusing on 11 areas such as neuro, stroke, geriatrics, musculoskeletal, pain management and integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine, amongst other topics.


2. Neutral and unsponsored content - Content based on relevance and needs of the region, with speakers independently hosted by us to ensure neutrality on all topics


3. Renowned Speakers - Invited speakers are "Best in Class", who share the same vision of care treatment as a continuum, advocating a multi-disciplinary approach, it helps that they are charismatic too!


4. Self-Directed Learning Experience - Delegates are encouraged to:
a. Practice cross functional learning and attend tracks apart from theirs that they are interested in.
b. Engage in peer learning with regional like-minded healthcare professionals across different specialities.
c. Reinforce what you learn from the conference with relatable products at the exhibition through experiential engagement in the interactive zones,institutions and home mock-up, and showcased products.
"I like the idea of multi-discipline & the collaboration between physical/occupational therapists as well as the rehab doctors...this inspired me to register and attend the conference!” 
- June Ann De Vera, Healthway Medical Inc, Doctor, Philippines -

2) Incredible value and accessibility for delegates!

1. Highly Convenient Location
a. Located at the Singapore Expo, the venue is highly accessible by Car, Bus and Train.
b. Travel time from the Singapore International Airport is under 15 minutes by the train or bus. 


2. Affordability of both conference passes and accommodation options 
a. Our conference pass prices are highly competitive within the region, with passes for Physicians at SGD 280 and Allied Health Professionals at SGD 210! We develop our pricing strategy after studying over 35 international, regional, and national events in the region. 
b. We offer a wide range of accommodation option for all types of budget ranging from inns to hotels, starting from SGD 25/night.
" Very reasonable and understandable pricing strategy. I was surprised with the price point. It was accessible!”
- Serg Mezhov, Acupuncturist, Acupuncture Association of Victoria, Australia -




3) We fill your bellies and your minds!

1. Premium Lunch Sets - Our lunch and tea break menu has been specially curated and prepared by established restaurant chains such as Tung Lok Group.
2. Local Delights - Curated menus allow delegates to savour our incredibly popular array of local delicacies such as-pulled tea, laksa, nasi lemak; not forgetting our all-day healthy dining options as well! Over 95% of delegates in RadiologyAsia 2017 felt that the user experience was world-class!
“The food was good and it was convenient.”
- Neogh Kok Lim, Klinik Careist, Doctor, Malaysia -

4) A platform for the testing, showcasing, and validation of ideas and concepts – The abstract and oral competition 

1. Gain exposure and recognition and potentially commercialize your ideas 
a. Showcase your innovative research to industry attendees and potentially commercialise your idea
b. High visibility for posters displayed at the exhibition hall, gain exposure and recognition through your work
c. Winners will be awarded after the plenary session 


2. Assessment and prizes 
a. Assessment by an international advisory panel 
b. Awards and cash prizes up to SGD 500 to be awarded
c. Accepted posters and presenters will enjoy subsidized full access passes 
"I would like to applaud the organising team for creating a platform to bring together people with common interests...congratulations to the CaREhab team for a really good and well structured conference. I would surely come again!”
- Lydia Latif, Professor and Clinical Consultant, Dept of Rehabilitation Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Malaysia