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Hocoma Pte Ltd, Singapore

Hocoma is a Swiss medtech company based in Volketswil, which near to Zurich. With technologies and ideas that look at functional movement therapy from a completely different angle, Hocoma’s technologies enable independent exercises and create maximum motivation.
Hocoma’s awarded robotic and sensor-based devices offer solutions for intensive gait therapy (Lokomat®), functional therapy of the upper extremities (Armeo®), robotic mobilization and functional electrical stimulation in early rehabilitation (Erigo®) as well as functional movement therapy within low back pain treatment (Valedo® Therapy Concept) at home and at the clinic. They are the result of intensive research, consistent development and continuous exchange with patients, therapists and partners in research and science.
Those who see to break new grounds need to stay open to exceptional ideas. They have the potential of being exceptionally effective. This guiding principle by Hocoma founder and CEO Dr. Gery Colombo has accompanied Hocoma since our start in 2000 and is still lived and implemented by our dedicated employees around the world. At the headquarters in Volketswil near Zurich (Switzerland) and the subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore, Chile and Slovenia they achieved a turnover of more than 30 million CHF in 2015.

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3D Feet

3D Health Labs is a part of the 3D Healthcare Manufacturing group and a subsidiary of NLB Consulting Sdn Bhd, a company with a strong background in integrated healthcare.
Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we are the largest dedicated healthcare printing laboratory in South East Asia with a particular interest in Orthotics and Prosthetics.
We have strategic partnerships in place with BioApps Sdn Bhd, a spinoff of the University of Malaya, to modernise and develope their traditional approaches to O&P production. We also have a clinical distribution partnership with the Spine&Joint group, a leading clinical services group for spine and joint problems.



ACTIVE AGING LLP is PRESSALIT’s Authorized Distributor of their CARE range of assistive hardware. Designed and engineered for people with reduced functional capacity, they are used in bathrooms, kitchens and workspaces.  Guided by the “keep living” philosophy, we aim to enable independence, thus adding life to years – safely and securely.


AlphaMed Pte Ltd

Alphamed Pte Ltd is ISO certified and was incorporated in 1991. We are a major supplier of medical and nursing equipment to hospitals and care centres in Singapore. We import quality physiotherapy, toiletry and rehabilitation equipment and specialise in our own range of customised, locally manufactured hospital furniture and equipment.



AMF-Bruns is European market leader, manufacturer and specialist in the field of vehicle technology for people with limited mobility, headquartered in Apen, Germany. With competent solutions in the field of vehicle conversions, wheelchair and occupant restraint systems, lift systems, steps, etc. AMF-Bruns guarantees the highest level of safety and service.




ARTICARES offers user-centric robotic-assisted rehabilitation solutions for patients suffering from neurological injuries such as stroke. Our goal is to offer user friendly, cost-effective, and clinically validated solutions to help in every step of your recovery journey, from hospital to home.



BTL Singapore Pte Ltd

The BTL company was founded in 1993. Currently, BTL is one of the world’s major manufacturers of medical equipment. Our company specializes in three distinct segments of this market:  Physical therapy, cardiology and medical aesthetics.
BTL has direct branches in 55 countries including Singapore. The BTL products for physical therapy are represented by electrotherapy, lasers, ultrasounds and magneto therapy devices. Our latest innovations include shockwave therapy, diathermy and hydrotherapy product lines. Cardiology products are represented by products ranging from single ECGs up to advanced cardiology management software connected with Holter, Stress test, CPET and SDS. Medical aesthetic products offer a range of non-invasive slimming and anti-ageing devices that belong to top 3 worldwide established brands, winning many awards every year.



Health Food Matters

As we age, our bodies change and the nutrition we need changes. Health Food Matters is the first company to focus on developing elderly-friendly and dysphagia-friendly food. Our goal is to utilise food science to create delicious food for the elderly and help them to age well.



Hearing World

Hearing World is dedicated hearing clinic which provides customized and personalized services to people with hearing impairment. We deal with world’s most innovative advance technology that’s suits our modern generation style with invisible and compatibility. In a comfortable air-conditioned ambience along with state–of–the–art gadgets, our dedicated team offers a whole range of services, making them a one – stop clinic for hearing assistance. Our centre has specialized acoustically designed sound treated room equipped with high quality audiometers and impedance meters.
Hearing World offers wide range of invisible hearing aids. From leading hearing aid brands of the world, Hearing World offers a completely personal in-ear design based on a cast of your ear canal with digital precision. Hearing World is a pioneer in the hearing healthcare industry and has been at the forefront of all this from day one ! From treatment to suitable hearing technology, Hearing World does it all, with the combined expertise of a rich team of professional audiologists and technicians. For everyone who is dependent on a hearing system, we offer world’s best hearing technology and cater to every specialized need in the hearing and speech domain.



HK SumiRubber, Ltd

We are a marketing and sales company which is wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries in Japan.
As a leading manufacturer in Japan, we always focus on customer’s needs and provide safe, lightweight and satisfying portable wheelchair ramps with our brand name, Dun-Slope.
We at Sumitomo Rubber Industries have worked continuously to produce advanced, environmentally friendly products based on rubber technology to support more comfortable lifestyles for people in a wide range of fields; from welfare & household products to civil and marine engineering and even sporting facilities.



HUR Solutions Pte Ltd

HUR Solutions Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company specialized in All Inclusive Exercise Solutions for hospitals, wellness centers and senior care. HUR Solutions provides concepts for Active Ageing, Falls Prevention, Incontinence and General Wellness Exercise. We design and plan the solutions depending on our customer’s needs.
Our main product is the line of HUR Strength Training Equipment, the technology leader with 30 years of experience in Equipment for Rehabilitation, Fitness and Geriatric Exercise. Other brands include Neurogymtech Functional trainers, SCIFIT, CyberCycle Exergaming, PhysioTools and Medanta Antimicrobial workwear.



Laser Acupuncture Centre

We are a complementary healthcare clinic where we treat patients and not only their illness. Our Philosophy & concept of total healthcare is achieving the best remedy through corrective and preventive measures as the support therapy. Laser Acupuncture uses the same principle of Classical Acupuncture and on the same Acupoints, which are the gateways to the vital organs of our body. All treatment is strictly therapeutic and supplements are “whole source food” in nature and no drugs are used.



Lifeforce Limbs / MEDI

Lifeforce Limbs & Rehab Pte Ltd is a 22 year old SME that specializes in orthotics, prosthetics and compression garments products and services. Lifeforce had established itself as a one-stop hub to help others achieve quality of life and make life worth living.




Eldercare product design specialist MOVINC. reimagines the senior mobility experience. Movinc. designs and manufactures modern mobility aids crafted to provide maximum comfort for users and the best convenience for caretakers. Its winning flagship product EMMA is a portable and simple to drive motorised scooter attachment for wheelchairs.



Radiance Medical Systems

Radiance Medical Systems (RMS) was established since July 1999 and has been focusing in the rehabilitation market segments since 2012.
The products that we are exclusively distributing are:
  • World’s first Transfer Wheelchair (Winner SG)
  • Patient transfer equipment (Hill-Rom-Liko – Sweden and Transatlantic - Germany)
  • Bladder Scanners (Verathon Inc – USA and Caresono - China)
  • Shockwave Therapy Systems (Medispec - USA)
  • Ultrasound Systems (Terason – USA)
We continue to bring in the latest technologies in Rehabilitation Medicine.




Rehab-Robotics is committed to advance technologies in the rehabilitation profession to help patients achieve maximum recovery outcomes. We are dedicated to provide an integration of robotics into your training activities of daily living, continuous education and professional support.



Shapecrunch has reinvented the process of making custom orthotics with 3D printing and smartphone. Shapecrunch has a smart mobile app which just requires 3 pictures of foot, prescription, activity level and other details to make fully customised Insoles.



SMITECH (ASIA) PTE LTD is specialized in distribution, sales, service and OEM partner for Scientific, Medical & Industrial (SMI) Technological Equipment for Asian Markets since 1994.
Our best selling products include InBody Precision Body Composition Analyzers with options to upgrade to non-invasive Health Risk Assessment for Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Pre & Post Surgery Survival, Automatic BMI Meters & Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor.
Introducing the latest SMITECH Gaura Hydrogen Water Generator H2WATER as the best health supplement for loved ones, home, office, clinic, hospital and travelling. Low cost protection for excellent health benefits.



SynPhNe Pte Ltd

SynPhNe is a wearable health solution that trains brain and muscle as one system. We aim to return the first line of prevention and cure for chronic disease and disability to the community and family. SynPhNe helps those affected by stroke, cerebral palsy, learning disability and aging return to independence.


Taggle Health

Being healthy and keeping healthy are important for the socio-economic health of every community. The Taggle Community Health Platform helps healthcare organisations, grassroots and community leaders grow a healthy community using technology to manage and encourage the community to be responsible for their own health.


United BMEC Pte Ltd

United BMEC provides technologies and services to enhance rehabilitation, respiration, and mobility towards patient independence, better quality of life and ability to perform activities of daily living. Our products and services are also aimed for home-care and long-term care settings to improve clinical outcome and reduce healthcare cost.



We sell only mobility related products as we want to see all the wheelchair bounded users to be more independent, healthier and to regain sense of freedom.
  • On-growing R&D based on the market demand, user behavior and feedbacks.
  • This handicap mobility business started in 2013 with just one model of Foldawheel.
  • First model was intended to make for the director’s father, just to ease the daily life.
  • Throughout the years we developed into many other models in different countries.
  • We gain experiences in production and export of other products since 1980s. (Premium packaging for many brand named companies, water treatment equipment, laptop parts etc)