Premium Sponsorship Packages

Taking up a premium sponsorship option at CaREhab, will allow you significant branding opportunities with potential customers, distributors or suppliers. There are sponsorship packages for every budget. Key sponsorship highlights are as follows: 
  • Sponsorship packages are highly cost effective in comparison to individual purchases of value sponsorship items, and not to mention highly customisable
  • Premium sponsorship options will ensure that you stay one step ahead of your competitors, through: priority booths, lunch and tea symposiums, branding on congress satchel, as well as other high ROI items.
“The teamwork was great, everything was well-arranged and well taken care of. Congratulations to CaREhab for a successful 2018 event, and I am looking forward to a better conference in 2019.” 
- Rodney Lim, Consultant Laser Specialist, Laser Acupuncture Centre -

Sponsorship Packages

Information above as of 3rd July 2017