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Ensuring Technology Adoption - In The Spotlight With Ms. Lim Chwee Foon, CEO, Asia Pacific, Ekso Bionics - Part 3

  • Ian Wu
  • 12 Sep 2019

CAREhab In The Spotlight With features in-depth interviews with the real people behind innovative healthcare organisations in the industry to shed light on tough healthcare challenges and how we can all become forces for positive progress.

In this third segment of the 3-Part Series with Ekso Bionics Spotlight interview, Ms. Lim Chwee Foon, CEO, Asia Pacific of Ekso Bionics, talks about how to ensure technology adoption.


Ms. Lim: Our ambition in Asia is that we really would like to see the Ekso technology be widely available and accessible by people who need it.

And how do we do that? It’s really about transferring or sharing of our expertise from our international markets into Asia. On the clinical aspect of it we want to really be out there and working alongside our customers and our clinic partners to ensure that we are actually lifting the overall competencies in the application of robotics to ensure successful use and deployment of the technology.

To be truly successful in terms of adoption, we understand what’s truly important is the ability to integrate that technology; it is really about how we can in a clever way and an effective way integrate the technology in the day to day clinical practice.

We are really committed to working alongside clinicians, patients and key stakeholders in the industry, policy makers, and regulators in terms of building the ecosystem that will allow the development of capabilities.. the entire eco system around adoption of robotics.

Once we invest in that ecosystem, at the institutional level but also at the healthcare system level, what we are doing is being more ready and being prepared when more of such kind of exciting technologies come onboard, you can then easily lay on top of that because then you will have the experience of developing protocol, the clinical competencies basically to be able to achieve those much more readily, but it takes time to build and invest in this ecosystem and we see that very much as an integrated part of what Ekso would do for this market.

What we want to do is work with clinicians and patients to completely transform the rehabilitation industry here and build a new standard of care.

Mr. Wu : I think it is very heartening for viewers to hear and, look at your passion to which u talk about the product and to our understanding, that extends all the way up to the top. The way you think about the product, how important innovation is, how important is clinical studies in terms of efficacy and results, in terms of being able to prove that it works and really change and to have a paradigm shift the way we do in rehabilitation so we are really excited for u and I think we always wanted to bring companies like you within the mix of the event because I think such game changing opportunities are really critical for the market as a whole. So we thank you very much for being with us.

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