14 - 15 February 2020

Singapore EXPO, MAX Atria

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Theme: Bridging the Healthcare Gap

The MedTech Asia Conference is a thought-leadership driven program exploring medtech challenges and implementations in Asia. Serving as the platform to facilitate collaboration opportunities connected health between patients, healthcare providers and MedTech Innovators, this meeting is the catalyst platform which you should attend to influence the development of Asia healthcare-medtech industry.

Get access to the impactful meeting by attending the 3 conference tracks:
FutureNow  |  Healthcare 4.0: Digital. Borderless.Investable.  |  Connected Health Asia


Ageing population, informed patients and increased health awareness are some of the key challenges faced by global healthcare system. Specifically, the need for a more accessible, affordable and personalise treatment is prevalent in Asia Pacific where the demographic is diverse, opportunity is immense and population is huge. The dream for a more effective, patient centric and personalised treatment is within reach, but it requires stakeholders to work together in embracing digital technology in the highly regulated medical space. Join MedTech Future Now to get first hand insights shared by senior decision makers to facilitate the development of sustainable, patient centric, quality healthcare services for the regional population.

Key Focus Areas:

Digital healthcare , Cost & Affordability, Healthcare disruption, Personalised medicine, Preventative medicine, MedTech investment

14 & 15 February 2020 . Track 2

Healthcare 4.0: Digital. Borderless. Investable.

The healthcare model has shifted from being doctor centre to patient centric. Themed around this paradigm shift, the conference track looks at how providers are managing their digital transformations to better user journeys, stay competitive and attractive to medical tourists. We will also explore the impact the growth of healthcare start-ups, insurer-tech and well-funded young technology players are having on the ecosystem, from collaborations to disruptions. Jam packed with thought leadership sharing, the conference provides important insights to your business for fostering cross-border and cross-industry collaborations in aiding the growth of your footprint.

14 February 2020. Track 1

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Connected Health Asia

The premium international event, Connected Health Summit, arrives in Asia next February. Choosing Singapore as the destination for their very first conference in the region, Connect Health Asia is co-organised with CAREhab Medtech Asia conference next 15th February. Join this section to tap on to innovation, medical excellence and opportunities in the region.

15 February 2020 . Track 1

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