14 - 15 February 2020

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The 6th Singapore Rehabilitation Conference 2020

The Singapore Rehabilitation Conference is the largest regular General Rehabilitation Conference in the Southeast Asian Region. It brings together an interdisciplinary team including rehabilitation and general physicians, nursing, allied health specialists including physical, occupational and speech/language therapists, medical social workers, psychologists, music therapists, academics, scientists and health-systems administrators. The conference provides a platform for these professionals to showcase good practices and collaborate across the different institutes and regions.

The theme for the 6th Singapore Rehabilitation Conference 2020 is “Rehabilitation: The Continuum of Care Through Our Patients’ Journey”. Stages of the patient journey will be explored as they recover from a period of illness and the many advances in rehabilitation treatments.

The 6th Singapore Rehabilitation Conference is co-organised by Society of Rehabilitation Medicine Singapore. Learn more about the Scientific Committee.

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Stroke Cancer Geriatric
SCI ICU / Early Mobilisation and Trauma Community-Based / Day Rehab

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